Shopping, letters

Hey, another week goes on and it's pretty cold in here ><. But no matter that, after lectures, yesterday went a little to the old town. Took few pictures, visited a book shop and bought some things for penpalers. Of course, sent 4 letters too.
Here's what I bought quite cheap, but in the picture there will be only three of them: two Lithuanian souvenir flags, one pretty envelope(he was the only, that's why it's one), a letter set, but it's...blank. I just realised after I opened it. Oh well, I'll make my stationery. Then 3 postcards, a map of Vilnius and...that's all xD.
Yesterday's mail received:
Yoshi from Poland
Karolina from Czech republic
I tought these lectures today won't end!-_- During the last and the longest one I was looking at my wtach every few minutes. It's so cold there, my hands were cold, I was hungry and when I am, I'm getting nervous. Finally freedom, but until I got home I had to climb up a hill, I was almost lifting my feet, but everything went blank when I found 3 letters at home! 2 letters and a package. This is what takes all the exaustion away.
Letter from South Korea
And from Russia(tea!)
And finally package from Finland.
Letters to be sent:
  • Laura, Italia
  • Tanja, Germany
  • Ofri, Israel
  • Ayaka, Japan
  • Rina, Japan

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