Before the start

First I have to think over what I really going to need for a whole month of obsessed writing of a novel.
  1. Favorite music. I know it will get annoying sometimes and I'll throw it away when I'll need to concentrate, but sometimes it will help to open the doors of my fantasy. So checked!
  2. Cup of tea. Make it wo. No, unlimited, because I won't be able to write a single line without my inspiring taste. Check!
  3. Spicy spicy and more spicy food. One thing that keeps my spirit up. (Still have to figure out what kind of food -_-)
  4. Cellphone. Finally it will come of any use to write down my ideas while I won't be able to be on mylaptop, like when going from one home to another, going to lectures, and home and staying there. Anywhere I'll be I'll continue on writing and then only have to move everything to computer when home ^^ Nice plan so checked!
  5. Inspiration by looking at Haruma Miura's photo I like most. OK, that's an odd idea, nut I'll pretend I'll write for him, he'll be my goal >) photo check.     
What I can promise is to update my daily writings here and it's up to you will you check on my progress and critisize my creation,  but that is wanted of course. I should be writing 1, 666 words per day. We'll see.
It's only minutes until the big start. Yosh, all set and ready to write. Bye all, it was nice knowing you. Now I'll be so observed into the world of writing. Not.

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Barbara said...

I'll definitely read your writing! And I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. In the letter, I asked whether you're going to write in Lithuanian or English, and now I know the answer :).

Maybe would you be interested in writing our NaNoWriMo by using shared Google Doc? It'd keep us motivated and we could freely share our ideas :).