Elle, thank you, I have received your postcard today :)
I was really surprised to receive a postcard and it was so cute. It looks as if it's just drawn and putted inside my mailbox. Well, she did make it and it looks professional :). Here's a picture.
I was double or triple happy, because letters came from two Finnish pals, from who I haven't heard for 2-3 months. So yeah..I'm speechles. Every single word was so missed, I even spilled my tea on me while reading one of the letters. I'm so awful :D But they made me so happy, I felt like I know them for so many years and they have written again and I felt that friendship warming up my heart.
They both had added something and Lily, one of them, still thinks this is nothing? What! I owe you, my dear, whenever I get my hands on letter paper, I'll give you joy, like you always do.
I can't wait to reply(come on, Friday!).

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