The newest mail and the most beautiful envelopes I've ever got part 1

On Thursday I received a package from Japan and that was first thing I did when came home- go to the post.
My dearest friend lives in Kyoto now for studies and since I love Kyoto the most and she already knows that, she added to books about Kyoto. One of them is the thing I needed most.
Here's about Kyoto traditions, tradional arts, about their education system and universities, not so much about all the temples, but I wanted to know more about Kyoto today.
The city is so beautiful and is surrounded by hills. In the center is Imperial Palace(Kyoto Gosho). My favorite author Haruki Murakami is also originally from Kyoto and I was very surprised he is. In the book ''Norwegian wood'' he also mentions Kyoto and some places I would like to know wether they really are or was just a fiction.
When anyone could ask me what about Japan I love the most or why did I felt in love with I would show this picture and that is the answer.

Yes, traditional houses and those narrow streets between. I always look with my hungry eyes at them in Japnaese movies, but first, in movie ''Memories of a geisha''. I would never calm down until I could finally walk there and take billions of pictures.

The Halloween is comming, huh? I thought so when I received 3 of these Japanese style present bags.
One of them had real Japanese tea, which is really delicious to me.
I even got instructions which is which.
In another there was lots of stickers, Japanese hiragana letters. I wonder where I could stick them and what words to make. At first I wanted to write Miura...xD
They are so cute :).

Here's an update of the newest postcards I received from my friends and because my stickers are finished, I can't stick them on my wall. But enjoy :)

Poland; Israel;Germany; Japan.
If I started about postcards, on October I haven't sent a single postcard through postcrossing. They do rarely send me nice postcards, so my passion for this page isn't as big, I appreciate my friend postcards more now.
Beautiful envelops. Part 1
From Rina, Japanese pen pal. She simply sticked a waist-band to look like a present and the simple envelope already looks cuter.
From My Lithuanian pen pal. With horses or with musical notes- there were some in her city, that's where I got to buy as well. And the last one I liked because she decorated herself. She often makes envelopes by herself too.
From A Finnish pen pal. First three decorated by her, followed by a green one, a cute one and a summerish one with the mots beautiful stamp. It looks yummy xD. Each of her stamp is different too.
From Swedish pen pal. Her envelops are always so colorful and so pretty.
The cutest envelops I got form this Japanese pen pal. I love the ones with Alice in Wonderland a lot and the cute one and of course with elephants..ok, they are all very nice. :)
The top one is an interesting fabric and below is an transparent envelope. Asia could only thing of such original envelops.
From Polish pen pal. Her decorations on the first and the way she wrote my name and last name on second was trully a piece of art.

First letters from Polish and Finnish pen pals. One is colorful and with nice fabric, next is black with Hello Kitty. Just lovely.
Sticker decorated envelops from Finnish pen pal.
The colorful back of the envelope from Polish pen pal.
First and the third envelops from Polish pen pal. I especially loved the way she decorated the one below.
From Slovenian pen pal. Wether it's with shoes or with a cute drawn cat, I like them both.
Handmade Hello Kitty envelope from Ameriacn pen pal. 
Decorated from Sri Lanka.
With Cute bunnies from Swedish pen pal.


Lizzie H said...

This is all so wonderful! And seeing all those other envelopes really makes me want to do something extra special for you next time :)

GotThatSwing said...

That's A LOT of cute mail:) I enjoyed seeing all those envelopes. Very pretty.

Wish4Eternity said...

Haha :D God my envelopes look so pathetic compared to others' :D

Almantina said...

it's a fiest for eyes, isn't it?xD
omo, Lizzie, you already did many amazing things to me.
Lily, your stationery is so cute that it could make up for any envelope, but I like them too.

Wish4Eternity said...

I think I still should look for better&cuter envelopes >.<
Too bad the blank ones are the only ones sold in Finland D: Or at least around where I live those are the only ones I can find :<

Maria said...

So pretty envelopes!!Specially the Swedish ones and homemade too :D

Lil' Kay said...

Ugh.. My envelopes are still so ugly D: I seriously need to buy more paper and make my own envelopes..