Yuki guni(lnd of snow); incomming mail

The sweet Lizzie's letter brought lots of snow today with itself.

These are the best stamps ever!!!
Horses magazine and a box...
...where I can put letters I haven't replied yet too.
Letter was written on horse paper...
...and on the white one with purple ornaments.

Also, thank you for beautiful photos, they are in my album <3
Time for snow land news!

The blurry parts are because of my foolishness to not notice the camera wet there. Even the Tv tower is covered in snow.
This one with the tree is my favorite.

Berries in snow!
And my tour through Fairytale park going home(it stopped snowing before ;_;). It's not 100 percent fairytale like...it has some dark history.

Lots of snow!
And for the end:
Dad's decorations got snow hats. I haven't oved my plastic Xmas tree from the room too.

Trying to make a close-up.
It's snowing again!


Lizzie H said...

They were special stamps! I love them too<3 Very famous horses and ponies :) I hope you liked the drawing i send too!

I hope we get snow too, altough i dislike it i really want one big snow day!

Almantina said...

Drawing? You mean the cake drawing? Or photos?

Lizzie H said...

The 50's fashion ladies. Don't tell me i forgot to put it in. That would be.. The. Worst. Possible. Thing.

Almantina said...

Yeah, you did :/ But it's not an end of the world.

Lizzie H said...

Darn it! I was so sure i put it in.. I'll have to look around to see if i find it. Who knows, maybe to post office opened the package and took it! Or i have a ghost haunting my stuff O_o