Another lovely day, ecause Laurita's letter came!
She never stops to surprise me, so let's take a look what she did this time :D
Drawing from...random lines???
first 3 pages. written on both sides.
Last two pages and the most surprising thing those long papyrus like ''pages''. Original and...fun.
Finally, stamp with birds of freedom to memorate 20 years of Independence.

And outgoing mail to Lizzie, Sweden. Just felt like decorting like that.


GotThatSwing said...

Those look like cribs :P

Lizzie H said...

Wow, her drawings are so pretty! I'm jelly of her skills :P
Yay! A letter for me 8D I love it when pen pals decorate their envelopes, especially when they do quirky stuff<3

Lil' Kay said...

Her drawing is AMAZING!! :)
I wish I could draw something like that as well :D But no.. I don't have the time nor willpower to concentrate on drawing :DD
And the pages<3 >3< Love those :3
And the stamp to memorate 20 years of Independence :D I can't wait to see what they'll do in 2017 when Finland will be 100 years old :DD

Almantina said...

I see everyone thinks the same about the drawing.
Glad that Lizzie liked it, now it's only a matter of time when it reaches you :p
hm...Lily, that's still a long time to wait, but I'm sure they'll look awesome.

Maria said...

wow..Amazing drawings! I love creative letters and envelopes, so I really like the 'papyrus' style letter!!

Almantina said...

She's really original ;D