Nice to be back to my village and the computer I left for two days( maybe I'm really obsessed with it, but when I have it in my room with me, I feel at ease, without it, empty, I don't have to use it, but I want it to be there ^_^). But I came back with good mood: after an easy exam, new letter, new eps of anime, got my ordered socks, and here I found I have two more followers, it might be thanks to the interview I got in and, I'm very excited about seeing mine. penpal-of-the-week-58 here it is.


Lizzie H said...

Oh my gosh! That interview was so intresting to read!
And i agree with the computer thing, my whole life is practiclly on here, photos, music, old documents and videos. I'd be devestated if i lost anything on here!

Almantina said...

Thank you, my dear freind. I onder, have you got to know anything new about me?
Yeah, here's another thing we share. My big part of life there as well.