Newest mail

The last Greeting card came from Japan unexpectedly and I would love to share a picture of the stamps used(I forgot to take a picture of the card).
The Fuji stamp is beau-ti-ful! The best stamp from Japan I have seen so far. They do have a lot of those awfully boring postal stickers(I'm glad that Lithuania has nothing like that -_-)
And a letter, which came on my next exam day(both came on exam days :D). There I had memory problems, because the name on the envelope didn't rung any bells in my head. Huh? Who is she? Indonesia? After ten min or so I remembered a girl who promised writing me first letter and it came in two months...
Her letter was very cute and quite long. And every page was from different stationery.
The letter was so cute, as well as pictures she enclosed where she smiles so widely(most of them are from Australia!T_T)
My first stamps from Indonesia!


Lil' Kay said...

Mt. Fuji stamp is SO nice! :)
I'm happy my Japanese pals use stamps but usually the stamps are the same in every letter.. :/
Congrats for the first Indonesian stamps :)

Almantina said...

They at least think about that, even if they are the same.
Thank you.