History from...snail mail?

I found treasure at home. Old envelopes and stamps that can teach you a lot about history until the 20th century.

Letters were more popular to write and here are the letters my sister received. Envelope art and old stamps. Aren't they nice?
close up of the stamps and they are already in my collection(not wasting good stuff).

Old postcard and stamp from Czech republic.
And here's the biggest treasure and history:
Stamps from SSRS(Soviet Union), Cuba, Belgium and from when Czech republic and Slovakia were one. I haven't dreamt of having something like this at home all the time.
Lithuanian stamps from my first letters, where I received pictures I collected, but haven't kept in touch with those girls anymore, and from the magazine I won at.


Lil' Kay said...

I'm really jealous! :)
Both of my parents have been snail mailers when they were young (my dad wrote letters until I was born) but they haven't stored the letters or stamps even though at least my mom did collect stamps :(

Almantina said...

aw, they threw it away? That's sad.

1300 Numbers said...

Snail mails are able to secure their position as a legend as far as long distance communication is concerned.