Today I got two amazing letters from my Polish pen pals.

 Both of the letters are amzing and they really made my day.
tao-chan wrote an 11 page and 21 side letter and added Hello Kitty notebook, pencil, stickers and a postcard.
From Basia I got colorful letter(different picture on each page), Poland bus tickets, stamp and two postcards.

I have a package prepared for Tao-chan only, but I'll think of something for both. LOVE them so much!


Maria said...

wow...looooong letters! I use to write just 1 or 2 pages :/
Lovely papers and Hello Kitty items!

Bree said...

Hi there! I like you blog. It's really cute and pretty! And thank you very much for following my blog! Maybe you can help me with my penpalling project? :)