Friday again

I want to say how happy I feel. In about two weeks from 1 follower I gained 6 and I still hope to make my blog even better. I want it to be both cute and interesting. so I should share something cute as well ^^
This week I got no letters until today D: It was very sad, that there are letters comming, but that takes so long and I'm so impatient! I want to find that little joy in my mailbox and to smile widely, then come in to my flat, go to the kitchen and make some tea and then open it, feel it in my fingers, imagine the person writing to me, smell the letter...and finallly, read it. I can't wait to start replying. My thoughts about what to write are being born while reading and thinking over it again. Letters are art, letters are love.
Fridays are beautiful, much more beautiful than Saturday. Every time I can't wait to get my hands on my hobbies, find a cozy place and enjoy. What to say about sleeping! I dream about this every morning I have to wake up, but..it's Friday, let's not think about things thta could make you miserable. Enjoy every Friday!
A song for today! this one should fit best, but only kpop fans will like it.

and for others just something I like because of the vocals

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