Kito Aya ''1 Liter of Tears''(Ichi Rittoru no Namida)

I think that many people have seen dorama, based on the story and they were touched by it. I've read opinios like ''Am I the only one who didn't cry?'' and ''rewatching the series is even more sad''. I agree with the second opinion.
Spinocerebellar atrophy- You can find information about it on teh internet and medicine books, so this is not a boring lecture about this uncureble disease, but a share of emotions and my work I want to add.
After finishing the series, I was so touched and kept thinking about it a lot. Actually, I even tried to feel what Aya felt. Wait, that's impossible for a person like me to feel that pain, but...I tried to walk like her. That wasn't mocking, but ''trying to be in her shoes''. That was very hard. Other thing is the falling. To fall on your face, when you have no control of your hands, who should normally protect you, wasn't a thing I could try. But I still have experienced the uncontrollable falling. My left knee has a trauma and no, it won't ever heal back. That's not scary at all, compared to the magnetic resonance I have to endure for a half an hour in statue-like pose. And so, I felt once, when my bones ''fixated'' and the foot wasn't straight at the time it supposed to touch the ground. Luckily, it was grass- almost like a pillow. I have felt what it means to walk like her too, I recall now. How could I ever forget that?.. It was one year after the trauma when it came to the surface. Unlucky me, that was winter again with lots of ice. Bandage on my knee wasn't in much help, so I had to walk carefully, always looking down on my road and still feeling that sharp pain for every little slip. And so, enough of my story.
I wanted Kito Aya's story badly and I said that to my Japanese pen pal. She got a second hand book for me and at the same day I picked the Japanese Kanji dictionary and started to translate it.
That's quite tiring work
But I can't believe that such story isn't translated into any language. Maybe I could change that?


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