Spring holidays ^__^

Hiiii, that's me.I never did silly faces in pictures by myself before, but yesterday I made this.It's still looking normal *sigh* oh well, Today, 2011.4.23 is crazy wind and cloudy.Looks like Easter will be cold and rainy :(
It doesn't llok much like a spring, does it?I just can't waint until everything starts blooming and then I will be sitting and getting bored in school, but spend my free time in nature taking pictures.Too bad my camera broke down...I started saving money for a normal camera now.Wish me luck.Thanks.
A picture I took few mins ago before startint to type this.
I almost forgot!I got good news about my basiliks that finally started grewing.So small :(
While typing this, it started raining, always not in time >.>
Spring in Lithuania is really slow this year.In March weather was changing many times in one day, we had few warm days and then it became cold and rainy and when I finally thought it's going to be a warm spring, in the weekend it started to get cold again...Oh please, no more cold weather.

I thought of trying a new pie recipie and here are some pics from the process:

and finally, it's done after all worries and time, spent wondering how it'll look like.

Happy Easter ^>^

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