Last update from July

July has passed but I still have an update to do so here it is.
I got a couple of swaps with train tickets. One was from Poland.
The other one is from Austria, along with some tea.
I also got postcards.

They came from Scotland, my pal from Japan and my friend who's currently studying in Arhus, city in Denmark.
Now I realised I didn't have a picture of one more card I received...

Bunch of new stamps spotted.
And now three letters.
From Laura, Finland.
From Linnie, Scotland.
And a postcard and a letter from Eugeniya, Russia. She sent it on two different days but it arrived the same day. The gorgeous card and a glimpse of my wall with cards.
So far that's all, I still hope to get some mail when my sister comes tomorrow.


Michi~ said...

Heey, I own exactly the same Tokyo postcard! :3

Bree said...

Ooh..the stamps are so pretty! And you've had a good mail week indeed! :)