Mail update~

Yet again with another update. This starts with a letter from my precious Michi who even sent her reply to my village and I am really glad it arrived here safely. So green!
I was also very happy to receive this beautiful card from a Finnish girl I met very accidentally(long stories are long).
Finally heard from my beloved Lithuanian pal Laurita too. As always, she sent me a bunch of various pages. The stamps were new to me too.

From Tiia, my dear Finnish pal. Oh, I got label bags, anyone can help me and tell me what to do with them? The description there made no sense :/

(honestly, I don't know why it uploads the photo upside down even if it's normal...)
Got reply and a gorgeous card from Yurie, Japan.
(yeap, it hates me out of a sudden)
Got more train tickets in this gorgeous envie.
And finally, my first postcard from sendsomething.net. From Macedonia, first one too.

I really hope blogger will get back to normal next time. I don't know what happened but I already delayed this update so I hope you will only have a nice laugh from this. Until next time~


Tari said...

It's weird Blogger uploads your pictures upside down! Anyways, you've got some nice mail! :)
And I have no clue about what label bags are either :/

snowangel said...

You've got nice mails! :)

And I think label bags are just like a friendship book, but it's usually a little envelope. You put a number of your own labels in the label bag and take a number of labels out and makes FB's or label bags with them. You sign the bag, and it's passed on to another person and the last signer sends it back to the person it was made for.

I hope my explanation makes sense! Have a nice day! :D

Almantina said...

Thank you for comments and yes, the explanation seems reasonable but I already send it to a pal who is swapping them so I hope she'll use it.
And now I think photos came like this because of my camera. How weird.