Incomming mail(picture heavy)

Finally was able to collect all of my mail and here's what I got in July 7th-18th.
All the postcards and letters.
Swap cards from Taiwan, 2 from USA, Turkey, Germany, China and Norway.
New stamps.

Moving on to each of the letters.

First is from Croatia, Ana. With all the goodies. Got stickers, tea, lighthouse stamps, Croatian lavender, train ticket for my collection.
All the cute postcards.
And some more. One is with a bookmark too.
From Ofri in Israel. She added a card that her sister made. It means "Good year" in Hebrew.

From new pal Ulia in Belarus. We sent our introduction letetrs at the same time and now I think that mine was a bit short. I'm awful at writing first. Stickers she used, her envelope, postcards and stamps are great too.

Long time no heard from Jofiane in Indonesia. There were a lot of stamps on the envie, some old stamps inside. Her cute letter, gift from Bali and photos with descriptions of her trips.
Letter from Anette, Norway.
"We got the Power, I got the Power~" Yes, we're kpop fans.
From Heather in USA. I love the dog on the envie.
Look at this adorable envelope from Canada, Laura. I love it when someoen decorates envelopes like that, but never got one before.
The back of it too. Too bad I got it in July.
Inside there was another envelope. I like them already.
It was actually the first page of the letter.
Train ticket, tea and a little card from Hong Kong. She replied to my post on Postcrossing forums asking for train tickets areound the world. I'm so glad there are someone willing to help with my collection.
From Paula, Spain.
This one is from Steffi, Germany. Love the cute train stamp.
Her letter is cute. I even got stamps from Germany.
That flash is troublesome, I tried few shots, but still...This envie with the lighthouse stamp(can I say I love Germany stamps, already?) is from Germany again. Caddi.
She also added even three train tickets.
From Fab, Italy. She's an anime fan too, so I got an anime card along with the letter. I love the envelope too an stamp was nice, but I couldn't take a proper pic focused on it.
From Emily, USA. Alaska, to be precise.
Blurry, but it says "...for you!~"
For me was these stickers. Hw cute are they? As a side not, she's a lighthouse fan too. The black stripped one is my favorite. And the moustache.
Look at the paper that she wrote on. It looks fancy, but in a nice way.

Look at the surroundings of where she lives! So...can I move there?

I'm so lazy...it took me long to make this post. I should have done it on Wednesday...yelp.


William F. Whaley said...

Mmm. I love Twinnings' Black Current.

Fr√łken Jannicke said...

So many beautifull postcard and even one from my city (Bergen)