Snail mail and post crossing

Recently I do  alot of snail mail.What can I say?I love writing,meeting new people and getting to know them like this :) .I write in english and just one pen pal is from my country-Lithuanai-so we exchange letters in our native language.And it all started in 2008.I keep all my letters.Each of them has something sweet from a person who wrote it.
When I receive a letter-found it in my mail box-that moment is amazing...The joy of receiving a letter and reading,then reaplying.Moreover, I liked to sniff those letters xD, because I believe I could sense something from that other country.Wouldn't that be great to take a breath of the air from other country?Weird??/I guess so, but snail  ail is so nostalgic and every gift I receive makes me feel even happier.
And recently I have joyned postcrossing.com because my friend told me about.Wow!!!Exchanging postcards with a random person is the best idea I have heard so far!You receive a random adress and send a postcard there and then you receive a postcrad from a random person as well.
Good night!

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liberal sprinkles said...

Hi I stumbled across your blog and found this post. I love snail mail too and do Postcrossing as well! I have a postcard blog where I write about the cards I get and another blog where I write about everything. In fact, I'm writing a post about snail mail today.
Have a great day!