Slow mail days

Hey guys, I have been slowly writing replies and I think they either in my hands, just sent, just ready to be sent or...I'm not sure where the rest of my pals are but I do hope they don't forget about me while I keep remembering them and wondering how are they doing.
Now I present you the latest pieces and I fear I won't get anything else for some time. That emptyness is scary, actually.

This lovely letter comes from Teja, Slovenia. The postcards is from her trip to Croatia. And I must say I really loved the tea - I never thought rooibos + vanilla could taste so good.
Not getting along with my camera I think. And photos are upside down no matter what I do. That technology.

From Lina, Germany. The unexpected letter that cheered me up. She included two postcards from Japan and...lot's of train tickets! And each of them has a story in the letter, can you believe it?

And a card from Canada, William. It surely fits in my horse card collection.
A long weekend awaits me,  I hope to catch up with as many letters as I can.


snowangel said...

Nice mail!! Your German pal's letter is amazing with the story. :D I want to be more creative to make my pals happy!

Tari said...

Oh, I can see Lina has been to Lyon, she sent you a bus ticket from here ;)

Almantina said...

Thank you. I'm sure you're creative in your own way :)

LinaLovesLive said...

Dear Almante,
I'm so glad the letter arrived! And even more that you liked it =)
One day I'm also going to write you my answers for the questions you answered for me. But it's going to be unexspected again ;) I'm so slow with writing lon letters...
Wish you all the best,