Beautiful update

And when I didn't thought I'll receive anything more lately due to my slowness in replying and beung behind mail, I still got spoiled.
These three are from the previous week - Wednesday to Saturday.
 From Ana, Croatia. Her last letter went missing and it's the saddest thing.
 Lots of hugs from Germany came from Tanja.
From Bree, Malaysia.
This week:
Postcard from Estonia, via Sendsomething.
Next was from Alison, Hong Kong...
 And gifts from Japan.
Finally, today I received a card from Egypt and letter from Tari, France.

 The close-up on stamps:
 And here's my reply and envie for Michi. I took long to reply to her and after everything was done I just had to take a picture of it. I hope she'll like it.


Jennifer said...

That letter from Alison in Hong Kong has adorable stationary ^.^

snowangel said...

Wow, lots of nice mails! :) Your mailbox has been really happy! Have a nice weekend!

Tari said...

Ugh, sounds like my envelope suffered a bit in the journey D: And one stamp is missing >.<"

Michi~ said...

I already love the letter *___*

Anna Maria said...

you know what's saddest thing about my first letter?! there were a lot of good stuffs in it.. a lot of stamps (even one from Serbia).. and something more.. T_T

Almantina said...

Thank you for all the comments <3
Oh, so many loses :-O Tari, I did notice you mentioned a stamp which I didn't saw.