why are we addicted to anime?It's an old question and we-otaku-have answered to it.
I watch anime and learn japanese at the same time.I know that I will be able to learn some phrases but it's a good start.
NowJapan is just a second such event in my city and whole country.I must say that I haven't been there in the first event but my friend has.It was held two days(this year even four!) and the first day was cosplay.I believe that hundreds of cosplayers came there from all the Lithuania.It's sad,that I missed it.Ok,and the second day was workshops and so on.The main event probably was getting a free anime hairstyle.

As I said,this year the event takes 4 days.From august 19 to 22(thursday-sunday).Thursday and Friday is opening and all about Japan and it's culture.Saturday-workshops,giftshops,anime,manga...And on Sunday-cosplay.
I'm not sure yet when I'll go,but I can promise to look around,take pictures and then write here.

See you after NowJapan2010.Vilnius.Lithuania.

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